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Part Number: 82930010
Description: Test Block 13A 250V
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SPECIFICATIONS (Note: dimensions in mm)
PART NUMBER: 82930010
1. Constructed from tough impact resistant, flame retardant plastics. The lid incorporates a fuse and switching device. A glowing neon lamp visible with lid open or closed indicates when power is connected to the device.2. Max rating: 13A AC 250V / 5A DC 24V.3. Size: 130mm x 60mm x 50mm high,Weight: 235 gms.4. If you decide to use 10A or 6A cable, change the fuse to the appropriate rated type. Use BS1362 (ceramic type) fuse.5. Product carries CE Marking.6. Operating Temp. range: -20ºC to +70ºC

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