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 Part Number: 82010071
 Description: Terminal Block for 5-Wire Cable

(Specifications subject to change without notice)

Terminal Block Part Number: 82010071
VDE Rated Current: 57A/EN60998; 32A/EN60598
VDE Voltage: 500V
UR Rated Current: 40A
UR Voltage: 300V
CSA Rated Current: 55A
CSA Voltage: 300V
Max. Ambient Temp: 85°ºC
Oper.Temp. Range: -35°ºC to +100°ºC
Short Term Temp.: 160°ºC
Material: Polyamide 6
Color: Natural
Flammability: UL 94 V-2
Contact Material: Plated Brass
Number of Cond.: 5
VDE Wire Size: 4.0mm° to 6.0mm°
UR Wire Size: 18AWG to 10AWG
CSA Wire Size: 18AWG to 8AWG
Wire Strip Length: 8-8.5mm
Screw Size : M4
Torque: 1.2Nm
Fixing Hole Dia.: 4.3mm
Accessory: no
Approvals: VDE  CSA  MISC  MISC  UR 
Remarks: Shatter-proof, asbestos and halogen free, corrosion-proof, resistant against weather, ozone, UV radiation, solvents, oils, and fats. For flexible, rigid, or solid conductors. EU REACH:SCIP number 4eb3189f-aa41-4d97-9f59-5106ffde895a
Last Modification: 10/09/23 • 10:46:53 • netui           *Specifications subject to change without notice