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  • Testing For Export...
    We Make it Easy

    7 worldwide sockets in 1 AC Power Source

    Variable input/output voltages & frequencies

    Interface software available

    Rental units also available


  • Full Range of IEC 60320 Inlets & Outlets

    2.5A to 16A international

    2.5A to 20A North American

    Same day shipments

    No minimum order or dollar requirements


  • Specialized Labeling Options

    Specialized labeling is available for any power cord, cord set, or kit. We offer just a 1‑week U.S. manufacturing lead‑time on non‑stock Interpower products.


  • Secure Your

    Secures connector to help prevent
    accidental power interruption

    No minimum order or dollar requirements

    1‑week U.S. manufacturing lead‑time on
    non‑stock Interpower products


  • Interpower is Your One‑Stop Shop!

    Same day shipping on over 4 million
    parts in stock

    1‑week U.S. manufacturing lead‑time on non‑stock products

    No minimum order or dollar requirements


  • Hospital‑Grade Solutions

    Hospital‑grade power entry modules, plugs and sockets, and cord sets available

    1‑week U.S. manufacturing lead‑time on non‑stock cords

    No minimum order or dollar requirements


  • Designing
    For Export

    Just a 1‑week U.S. manufacturing
    lead‑time on non‑stock cords and
    over 50,000 cords in stock for
    same day shipments. Made in
    the U.S.A.


  • Cable Your Way in 1 Week

    Interpower manufactures its own North American
    and international cable to all appropriate cable standards. Various cable types and color
    options are available. No minimum order or dollar requirements.


  • Blanket Orders

    Order a specific quantity of an Interpower
    product (e.g. 1,000 cord sets), lock in a price,
    and have a 1-year time frame for delivery.

    Request shipments as needed during this
    1-year period.

    Quantities and delivery dates may vary,
    according to the company’s needs.

  • Scheduled Orders

    Orders may be placed with pre-determined
    quantities and delivery dates over a
    1-year period.

    For example: place an order for
    1,000 cord sets and request to have
    250 delivered on January 15, April 15, July 15,
    and October 15.

Same-day shipments1-week u.s. manufacturing lead-timeInterpower Has No Minimum Order Requirements

  1. Interpower

Interpower is the premier supplier of power system components worldwide. Founded in California in 1975, Bob Wersen, President of Interpower, has made it easy for customers to design, build, and maintain products for worldwide markets ever since. Now based in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Interpower manufactures cord sets and power cords in the United States for the North American and international markets and has an office in the United Kingdom. 

All of our products go through safety tests and meet national and international standards. Each year you can find us at trade shows, including a virtual show online, where you can browse our quality products. To see a list of our upcoming trade shows, see our trade show schedule. We would be delighted to meet with you and highlight our products.

In addition to browsing our products available to order, check out our Product Design Library where you can watch webcasts and find quality testing measures. Our webcasts include topics such as national power mains and what engineers should know about designing international products. You can always find out what’s new in cord sets and power cords for the North American and International markets in our blog.

You will be delighted by our quality products and how fast and easy it is to order and start receiving our power system components. You will be able to unpack and use our products immediately. We are your one-stop shop for all your power component needs.

We make it fast and easy to order North American and international power cords, including hospital/medical-grade power cords that you can find on our hospital-grade products page. Order online or call us today. We offer no minimum order or dollar requirements, a 1-week U.S. manufacturing lead-time on non-stock Interpower products, and same day shipments available on in-stock products (4 million parts in stock!).

Contact Interpower today!

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