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United States Ordering Policies and Procedures

Click here to see the Ordering Policies and Procedures for the United Kingdom

Interpower Corporation’s North American stock is centralized in Iowa. We maintain a substantial inventory, which enables us to be responsive to our customers’ needs. All orders must be made out to Interpower Corporation. They may be placed by mail, fax, telephone, web or e-mail ( with our Customer Service Representatives or with the office of our regional sales representative in your area (see Our Customer Service Department can assist you with price and delivery quotations, availability, samples, technical assistance on agency approvals and requirements, and order entry. Interpower Corporation is open 7:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. Central Time.

Rush Orders: When requested, Interpower Corporation can ship orders for items in stock on the same day if the order is placed by 5:00 p.m. Central Time.

Scheduled Orders: Orders may be placed with scheduled shipments out as far as 12 months.

Special/Blanket Orders: Merchandise that is special ordered or is not a standard item may not be canceled or refunded.

Open Accounts: U.S. & Canadian customers: Interpower Corporation will immediately establish an open account with a nominal credit limit for every new customer. We are willing to extend open account terms to Canadian customers who can provide one U.S. bank and three U.S. trade references. Other payment options include prepaid and wire transfer. If requested, orders can also be shipped utilizing a credit card or C.O.D until sufficient credit is established. Canadian customers may make payments in either U.S. or Canadian currency. Individuals must pay by credit card, cashiers check, or C.O.D.

International customers: Please note that terms on international orders are prepaid in U.S. dollars, credit card, bank wire transfers, and bank checks. Canadian orders are processed as domestic orders.

Terms of Payment: Our terms of payment on open accounts are 1% 10 days, net 30 from the date of invoice. Shipments of future orders will be affected by the past due condition of an account.

Minimum Orders: We do not have a minimum order on catalog items.

Taxes: Any applicable federal, state, or local taxes will be added.

C.O.D. Orders: We reserve the right to require that payment be made by postal money order or with a certified check. C.O.D charges will be added to the invoice.

Advance Payments: Please include all shipping charges, wire transfer fees, insurance charges and applicable sales taxes in your payment. We reserve the right to delay shipment on orders accompanied by personal checks until the checks have cleared.

Special Packaging: When requested, at the time of order entry, we can package materials in non-standard configurations. An additional service charge may be assessed for materials and labor in these cases.

Prices: All quoted prices are net and F.O.B. Iowa. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Return Policy: When authorized by Interpower Corporation’s Customer Service Department, goods may be returned for the convenience of the customer. However, a restocking charge may be assessed. Our Receiving Department has been instructed to accept packages from customers only when our RMA (Return Material Authorization) number is clearly visible on the shipping label. Please contact our Customer Service Department to request an RMA number.

Product Liability: Interpower Corporation will accept liability for only the purchase prices of products and applicable freight charges. Interpower Corporation is not liable for any costs for issues such as production delays, rework, late deliveries, etc. unless agreed upon in writing by both Interpower Corporation and the purchaser.

Product Specifications: All specifications listed in our catalog, on the web site or on other data sheets are based on our knowledge and understanding of the products as of the time print or post. We reserve the right to make changes to technical specifications without notice. All product recommendations are based on our knowledge and experience with the products, but do not eliminate customer responsibility to check the suitability of our products for each particular application. Free evaluation samples are available upon request.

Copyright: The contents of this web site are copyrighted in their entirety and are not to be duplicated in any manner without the written authorization of Interpower Corporation.


United Kingdom Ordering Policies and Procedures

1. General Conditions: Interpower Components Ltd. accepts orders only with the understanding that if the customer’s purchase conditions are in variance with our own, our conditions of sale will prevail.

2. Prices: All prices quoted are net of V.A.T. and are F.O.B. Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Prices quoted more than 30 days before date of ordering may be subject to price change.

3. Carriage risk: The purchaser assumes all liability for damage or loss during transit of products between Interpower Components Ltd. and the purchaser.

4. V.A.T.: Prices quoted are NOT inclusive of V.A.T. Invoices will include the V.A.T. based on rates in effect at the time the goods are dispatched.

5. Minimum orders: We do not impose a minimum order.

6. Quality Assurance: Interpower Components Ltd. warrants that its products are free of defects when the Company ships them. This warranty is limited to the replacement of products later found to be defective and does NOT include ANY liability for consequential loss arising from defective products. All goods listed in this catalogue are available with a Certificate of Conformity and this will automatically be incorporated in the invoice or delivery note.

7. Payment Terms: Strict 30 days from date of invoice.

8. Retention of Title: Ownership will NOT pass until payment of all monies owed to Interpower is paid in full.

9. New Accounts: Customers wishing to open an account are requested to supply 2 trade and 1 bank reference.

10. Telephone Orders: Orders placed by telephone are accepted on the basis that a confirmation will be sent by either e-mail or fax.

11. Scheduled Orders: Orders will be accepted with up to 12 deliveries over 12 months. Interpower Components Ltd. reserves the right to withhold a delivery if the purchaser does not meet payment terms.

12. Urgent Orders: Orders can be dispatched on the day of ordering provided instructions are received before 2 p.m.

13. Special Orders: Orders for products made to customer’s own instructions are not subject to cancellation. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of his order particularly in respect to made to measure goods.

14. Return Material Authorisation: Our receiving department will only accept Materials if they carry an RMA number. Please contact our office to obtain a RMA number.

15. Customer’s Inspections: Goods that have been despatched by Interpower Components Ltd. and subsequently rejected by the customer for not meeting specification will be accepted back if notification is received within 12 days of despatch.

16. Refused Shipments: On occasions that goods are returned and then a request is made by the customer to re-deliver goods, all transport costs will be charged to the customer.

17. Catalogue Specifications: All specifications listed in our catalogue or in other data sheets issued by Interpower Components Ltd. are based on our knowledge and understanding of the products as of the printing date. We reserve the right to change technical specifications without notice. All product recommendations are based on our knowledge and experience to ensure that the correct product is selected for a particular application. Free samples can be provided for customer evaluation. However, Interpower Components Ltd. cannot have knowledge of every application in which its products will be used so material in the catalogue should be considered as general information and in any specific situation, the customer should rely upon advice from his own specialist or electrician or research.

18. Copyright: The contents of this catalogue are copyrighted in their entirety and cannot be duplicated in any manner without written authorisation of Interpower Components Ltd.

19. Applicable Law: English Law shall govern all transactions between Interpower Components Ltd. and its customers.