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Corporate Culture

I am the founder and president of Interpower Group of Companies. Since 1975, when I first turned on the light switch at Interpower, I’ve seen a lot of changes. One of the changes is the rapidly rising expectations that our customers have for the quality of products and the quality of services that we offer them.

We choose at Interpower to treat changes as opportunities, not as threats and we can do that because we have a culture that prizes teamwork above everything else. We focus on not just satisfying the customer, but really delighting them with outstanding quality and outstanding service.

We attempt to hire people who are fundamentally team oriented and our commitment to our employees is to provide them with training and continual opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. A new skill learned is a new opportunity for the employee. We look for people who are interested and willing to learn new skills and then use those skills in the interest of consistently exceeding the expectations of their customers, not only the external customer but the internal customer as well.

For me, the exciting thing about this business is watching people come together and work towards a common goal. Particularly when a customer calls and needs something in a big hurry or maybe it is something a little bit different, something that we have never made or done before. I really enjoy the process, however, I like even more watching people from different parts of the company all putting their heads together and solving a problem in a way that has not been solved before and in the process really delighting the customer; making them extremely satisfied with what we do and of course, getting them to come back for more.

Join our team and become part of an organization that prizes teamwork and flexibility, strives to consistently delight its customers with outstanding products and services, and works together to achieve a common goal.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Robert D. Wersen