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Hospital-Grade Products

Design. Quality. Safety.

Interpower’s top values are safety and quality and that carries through in every product line offered. Since every day can be critical in a medical setting, it is crucial to design hospital-grade products with quality components.

Interpower’s hospital-grade products include plugs and sockets, power cords and cord sets, and power entry modules. When designing, building, and maintaining products for medical applications, it’s important to know if there are any standards or country-specific recommendations that need to be followed. While some countries have standards in regards to overall medical equipment, a few countries/regions have standards or recommendations in regards to specific medical-related components (e.g. plugs and cords). Select hospitals also have requirements that they choose to follow specific to their facility.

For a complete solution, a combination of Interpower components can help to ensure proper electrical connectivity for use in health care facilities. See below for more information on Cords and Cord Sets, Plugs and Sockets, and Power Entry Modules. Each category has a “Product Filter” to help guide you in choosing the correct solution to fit your specific requirements.

Power Cords and Cord Sets

International Hospital-Grade Power Cords and Cord Sets

When designing your hospital-grade products, it is important to know if there are specific standards or preferences to follow. Hospital-grade power cords and cord sets are subject to specific requirements or recommendations in Australia, Denmark, Japan, and North America. See the “Product Filter” or for further assistance, contact Customer Service. See also “More Information on Hospital-Grade Products.”


Plugs and Sockets

Plugs and Sockets


Similar to the power cords and cord sets, there are specific requirements or recommendations for hospital-grade plugs and sockets to be used in Australia, Denmark, Japan, and North America. See the “Product Filter” or for further assistance, contact Customer Service. See also “More Information on Hospital‑Grade Products.”


Power Entry Modules

Power Entry Modules


Medical equipment requirements place special significance on fusing and filtering when selecting components used in medical equipment. Patient-connected medical equipment can be subjected to low-leakage current requirements. The use of a low-leakage filter in the 5µA range at 250VAC is desirable. In addition, fusing of both line and neutral connections may be required (i.e. double fusing). See also “More Information on Hospital-Grade Products.”

Hospital-Grade Replacement Cords

Hospital-Grade Replacement Cords

The Interpower Solution for hospital-grade replacement cords: if you just need one, order just one. We have no minimum order or dollar amount requirements, which empowers you to order just what you need—whether it’s 1, 5, 100, or more.

Specialized labeling is also available—mark your cords with labels that contain your specific information, such as identifying a certain location (e.g. Operating Room 1, ER 2, etc.). Interpower offers a number of different labeling options, including flag, wrap, barcode or grounding reliability labels, which can be specialized to your specifications. With your cords specially labeled, hopefully they will stay in the correct location.

Interpower can also make a replacement cord set according to your specific requirements.