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Quality Topics

The North American hospital and medical industry frequently sees problems with hospital-grade cords. These problems typically occur in frequent, and urgent, connect and disconnect applications where plugs are quickly pulled from the socket. This action typically results in damage to the plug blades, causing them to be bent and later re-straightened. The outcome of this activity is a loosening of the blades or ground pins or a cracking of the brass blades; resulting in possible arcing, smoke or fire. If the blades are bent you should replace the power cord and NOT straighten the blades or the ground contact. This video instructs you on how to correctly plug and unplug the power cord from the outlet to avoid these problems.

Hospital – Grade Plug Quality Video

Interpower Corporation has implemented a test lab for continuous improvement and product compliance. The tests listed below are for type testing that we perform before we submit samples to the agencies for testing. This Interpower test lab primarily conducts tests on power cords and cord sets, specifically on plugs and connectors. These tests are conducted per UL, CSA, VDE and IEC standards. Please click the links below for a quick overview of the tests we are currently conducting.