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Labeling and Packaging Services

Value Added

Value-Added Services

Labeling and Packaging Services

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Interpower offers specialized labeling and packaging services. Special carton marking or labeling is also available. Contact Customer Service for more information.
Special labeling is available for any power cord or cord set or kit. Options include: wrap label, flag label, barcode label, grounding reliability label, and Unique Device Identification.
Wrap Label Wrap Label
A wrap label is laminated and attached to the cord.
Custom Flags Flag Label
A custom flag is made to be attached to the cord.
Barcode Label Barcode Label
A barcode label may be used for customer privacy and/or for inventory purposes. It can be made per a company’s specifications.
Grounding Reliability Grounding Reliability Label
This kind of label is typically attached to hospital-grade cords or per a customer’s specifications. Interpower’s label states that the cord needs to be plugged in to a hospital‑grade receptacle to achieve grounding reliability.
Grounding Reliability Unique Device Identification (UDI)
This label is a unique numeric or alphanumeric code which includes a uniform list of product identifiers. While medical cords are not classified as a medical device by the FDA, at Interpower serial numbers can be provided on medical cords per a company’s specific requirements.
Interpower offers the following ways to organize power cords and/or cord sets.
Coil Cords Bundled Hank Cable Ties
Coil Cords Bundled Hank Cable Ties
Interpower also offers the following special packaging options.
Boxed Boxed
Boxes can come labeled with contents and other special instructions. Cords can be coiled, hanked, or bundled.
Bagged Bagged
Multiple or single product bags are marked based upon customer requests. Resealable bags are also available.
Custom Kits Kits
A variety of products can be included in the same box, e.g. an APS and different cord sets with labeling per a customer’s specifications.

Other options available are customer supplied packaging materials and/or labels. Contact Customer Service for more details.

For More Information

For more information about labeling and packaging, contact Customer Service.