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Guides, Charts, and Brochures

Interpower provides different charts and brochures that will assist you in designing your products for export. Click on the links to view the following charts and brochures.

Interpower Guides & Charts

Conductor Color Coding Chart

North American and international cable have different conductor color codes. Marking of the conductors within the cable defines which conductor is ground, neutral, and line. Interpower has created a chart to help differentiate between the conductor color codes.

Guide to World Wide Plugs/ Socket Patterns & Power Mains (Single-Phase)

A number of plug patterns are used throughout the world, so determining the correct one is essential. Interpower offers a Guide to Worldwide Plug and Socket Patterns and Power Mains (Single-Phase) that gives frequently specified plug patterns by country. This guide also has information on the world’s voltage and frequency requirements.

IEC 60320 Appliance and Interconnection Couplers

The IEC 60320 Appliance and Interconnection Couplers chart illustrates IEC 60320 connectors, inlets, plug connectors, and outlets in their different families. For example: IEC 60320 C13 connector and C14 inlet are in the Class I, Cold family, along with the IEC 60320 Sheet E plug connector and Sheet F outlet. The IEC 60320 C15 connector and the C16 inlet are in the Class I, Hot family.

International Cord Set Configurations

The International Cord Set Configurations chart is a reference to show which global plugs and IEC 60320 connectors are allowed in combination as a cord set.

A cord set is defined as an assembly consisting of one flexible cable or cord fitted with one plug and one connector.

Harmonized Wire Coding System

This Harmonized Wire Coding System chart explains the Harmonized system and what the code means. Illustrated in the chart is the code for H05VVF3G0.75.

IP (Ingress Protection) Codes

IEC 60529 outlines an international classification system for the sealing effectiveness of enclosures of electrical equipment against the intrusion into the equipment of foreign bodies (i.e. tools, dust, or fingers) and moisture. This classification system utilizes the letters “IP” (“Ingress Protection”) followed by two digits. This chart gives the degrees of protection for the first and second digits.

Major International Testing Agencies

Interpower has prepared a list of the major international testing agencies. This guide includes information by country with the testing agency, agency logo, and agency website.

Measuring Power Cords & Cord Sets

Interpower offers standard cord/cord set lengths and specialized lengths as part of its value-added services for unique electrical designs. This chart includes Interpower's measuring guide, along with standard lengths and tolerances.

Metric Conversion Guides

The Metric Conversion Guide includes: conversion factors for length, area, volume, and mass; metric threads; conversion for AWG to metric wire sizes; metric prefixes; and temperature conversion (Fahrenheit to Celsius).

NEMA Nomenclature Guide

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) pattern and numbering system is made up of four main identifiers. This guide explains each of the four identifiers to help you determine the correct NEMA configuration for your North American applications.

North American Cable Types

This North American Cable Types chart details the nomenclature keys for types of North American cable and definitions of the various cable types, e.g. SJT, SVT, ST, SJE, SEO, SO, etc.

North American Cord Set Configurations

The North American Cord Set Configurations chart is a reference to show which NEMA plugs and IEC 60320 connectors are allowed in combination as a cord set.

North American Non-locking NEMA Configurations

The North American Non-Locking NEMA Configurations chart helps to determine the correct NEMA configuration for North American applications.

UL / CSA Classification of Cords

The chart details the nomenclature keys for the UL and CSA classification of cords and includes a listing of UL types compared to CSA types.

Interpower Brochures

Value, Capabilities, Resources

Making Interpower the go-to supplier of power cords and cord sets.

Let Interpower be Your
Partner—DS 201

Made in the U.S.A., Interpower® manufactures cords, cord sets, and components with 1-Week U.S. Lead-times, and offers in-stock products with Same Day Shipping! Why order from anyone else for your electrical needs?

Replacement North American Hospital-Grade Cords—DS 183

When designing, building, and maintaining North American hospital-grade products within the operating room, throughout the hospital, or in a medical setting, it is important to know the requirements contained in the UL and CSA standards. This brochure briefly describes the requirements found within certain North American standards.

Making Your Medical Design Decisions Easy—DS 186

Medical components used in North America, such as power cords, cord sets, modules, and rewireable plugs and sockets, must meet stringent standards. This brochure briefly describes the North American standards that these components must follow to be considered hospital-grade. Select hospital-grade parts offered by Interpower are also included.