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IEC 60320-1 Withdrawal Force Test

IEC 60320 is the standard for appliance couplers. Appliance couplers include both an inlet and a connector. IEC 60320 requires a set minimum and maximum electrical contact depth for connectors, from the face of the connector. Contact depth is measured with go, no go pin depth gauges verifying contact positioning. IEC 60320 also establishes minimum and maximum inlet pin withdrawal forces for connectors. For example, the C13 connector, most commonly used on cordsets supplying AC power to personal computers, has three internal contacts that mate with the C14 inlet. Each C13 contact is required to hold a single pin 1.5 Newton force gauge that simulates a C14 inlet pin machined at the smallest dimensions allowed, for 3 seconds, to ensure safe, reliable contact design. In addition, the C13 connector must also release a C14 inlet gauge, with all three pins, at 50 Newtons of force to prevent damage to equipment.

Video Transcription:

Interpower Corporation uses the IEC60320 gauges to verify proper withdrawal forces of the connectors and proper positioning of internal connections, thus ensuring loose connections and arcing do not occur.