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Circuit Breakers

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19? Rack-mount Power Distribution Units

Circuit Breakers




As the premier supplier of power system components, Interpower has what you need to complete your projects, including circuit breakers. Interpower has no minimum order requirements, plus same day shipping is available on in-stock Interpower products.

Electronic equipment is often designed with built-in circuit protection. The main function is to provide protection to both the equipment and the equipment operator in the event of a circuit overload. This protection usually comes in one of two forms: a circuit breaker or a fuse. A circuit breaker is an automatic switch that prohibits the flow of electric current when it is rapidly overloaded or unusually stressed. A fuse is a safety device that protects an electric circuit from excessive current.

The current rating for Circuit Breakers offered by Interpower ranges from 4A to 15A with 4/6.3 mm or 8/2.8mm terminal styles. Click on the link for circuit breakers for more details on the different kinds available.

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