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In our efforts to make designing and exporting your products easy, Interpower has created a number of informational videos to assist you in product design, manufacturing, and exporting your products to global markets.

The Interpower Extrusion Tour

Watch how only one of two electrical cable and cord manufacturers in the U.S. makes cable and jacketed cords from reeled bare copper wire to finished reeled jacketed conductors wrapped and ready to ship.

IEC 60320 Overview

Interpower gives an overview of the IEC 60320 and what you need to know to design build and maintain your product for export world wide.

How Interpower Delights Customers…FAST

Interpower is the premier supplier of power system components manufacturing in the United States. Interpower discusses how they deliver service that delights customers…FAST. From same day shipments to 1-week lead times.

International Power Found in the Heartland

Interpower has been manufacturing power cords and cord sets in the United States for more than 25 years. According to Mike Boyle, the company's vice president of manufacturing and logistics, this is possible because the company continues to invest in it's manufacturing operations in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

Interpower Talks Unique Device Identification System

While medical cords are not classified as a medical device, companies may choose to identify their cords as a part of the UDI (Unique Device Identification) System, a new process being mandated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Interpower can help with a 1-week US manufacturing lead time"

How to Select Power Cords and Cord Sets

Interpower's Vice President of Manufacturing and Logistics outlines what you need to know when selecting a power cord and cord set.

Interpower International Power Cable Explained

Interpower’s Jana Brown-Watts explains what you need to know when specifying international cable.

Commonly Asked Questions

At the Interpower® Group of Companies, we have real people answering the phones. No recorded messages. As a result, we receive a number of interesting product design questions. Usually if a question has been asked by one person, it means that others also have the same question. So to assist you, we have been sharing a few of the commonly asked questions, complete with answers.

International Power Source Benefits

Dan Beeler, IPS Technician for the Interpower Group of Companies, discusses the Interpower® International Power Source—An AC power source that provides a clean, convenient adjustable source of AC power for testing products at the various operating voltages and frequencies found worldwide.

Selecting the Correct Cable for Worldwide Markets

Interpower's Mike Boyle, Vice President of Manufacturing and Logistics discusses what you need to know when selecting cable for worldwide markets.

Accessory Power

Dan Ford, Technical Support Specialist at Interpower discusses what you need to know when designing a product for worldwide markets and how you can utilize Accessory Power.