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Power Cord Flex Test

IEC 60320-1 (appliance couplers) section 22 and IEC 60884-1 (plugs and sockets) section 23 require appliance couplers and plugs to be designed so that the cord cannot be subjected to excessive bending at the cord exit. Connectors are subjected to a 20,000 flex test and plugs are subjected to a 10,000 flex test, both 45 degrees from cord axis, with 10N or 20N of force on the cord, and one flex every second. During this test, the rated current of the plug or connector is passed through the phase conductors. Furthermore, half way through the test, the plug or connector is rotated 90 degrees. There shall be no interruption of current, no short circuit between conductors during this test.

Video Transcription:

This is the Interpower Flex Test machine that allows automated flex testing of plug and connector bend reliefs. Typically, 10,000 (At one flex per second) flexes per IEC60320 and IEC60884 are conducted. These tests verify the plug and connector bend relief designs protect cable and internal conductors from stress, breaking, and arcing.