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Interpower Corporation Hospital Grade Powercords Interpower describes how to properly insert the plug and inspect the plug, cord and connectors without damaging the plug. thumbnail

Video Transcript

The North American hospital and medical industry frequently sees problems with medical power cords, primarily with the wall plug. These problems typically occur in frequent and urgent connect and disconnect applications where the plugs are quickly pulled from the wall receptacle. This can cause damage to the plug blades; furthermore, straightening of the bent blades can cause further damage. The outcome of this activity is a loosening of the blades or ground pins, or cracking of the brass blades – resulting in possible arching, smoke, or fire. To prevent the damage to the plugs, properly connect or disconnect the wall plugs by grasping the body as demonstrated – not the cord. In applications involving frequent connect and disconnect applications, inspect the wall plugs, flexible cable, and connectors frequently for potential damage. Also, ensure plugs and wall outlets are clear of equipment, furniture, bed, etc. to prevent smashing of the plug and cord. If the plug blades or ground pin are bent or damaged, or if you are in doubt to the safety of the cord, the cord should be replaced.