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More Information on Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing is a shrinkable plastic tube used to insulate wires, providing abrasion resistance and environmental protection for strained and solid wire conductors, connections, joints, and terminals.
For part numbers see our heat shrink tubing product page.

Heat shrink tubing is made in a wide variety of sizes and materials. It can be used for many different applications.
Heat shrink tubing is ideal where extra protection is needed. This protection can be sealing out moisture, mechanical protection, and/or relief of strain on joints. Typical applications are as diverse as component covering, moisture resistant, mechanical protection, shock protection, abrasion protection, corrosion protection, insulation, dust proofing, splicing, cable binding and tying, strain relief, marking, and coding.

Heat shrink tubing can be comprised of a variety of plastic resins which allow the tubing to shrink to size. Heat shrinkable products have perfect plastic memory. They are supplied in an expanded condition. Upon the application of a heat source the tubing will shrink and grasp tightly to the object over which it has been placed.                    

Interpower heat shrink tubing is available in a 2:1 ratio. This ratio is the size of the original tubing to its smallest shrunken size. A piece of tubing that has a 2:1 ratio will decrease by half. (For example: ½-inch  in the original size will shrink down to ¼-inch.)