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Cable completes the electrical circuit from the power source to the equipment. The end destination of the product will determine the type of cable that will need to be used.

When designing an electrical/electronic product that will be for sale in any part of the world, deciding on the type of cable is an important step in that process. Interpower offers cable for global use. If you need assistance in selecting the correct cable, please see "More Information on Cable" or contact Customer Service.

High Power Pin and Sleeve Devices


  • Select the appropriate International or North American Cable below
  • No minimum order or dollar requirements
  • Same day shipments on in-stock products

North American Cabl
North American Cable

International Cable
International Cable


Australia Cable
Australian Cable


Chinese Cable
Chinese Cable

Japanese Cable
Japanese Cable


Korea Cable
Korean Cable




Jumper Cords

Jumper Cords

Jumper Wires

Jumper Wires

HAR Single Conductor Wire

Single Conductor Wire

North American Single Conductor Wire

North American
Single Conductor

Value Added and Custom Services

Value-Added Services






Interpower offers free technical support. Contact Customer Service for assistance.

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