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More Information on Testing

International Socket Strips | SafeBloc

International Socket Strip

The International Socket Strip incorporates a number of the most common international socket standards on one device. Its intended purpose is to allow a company to test a product, but it does not change voltage or frequency.


The International Socket Strip can be used to test or burn-in electrical and electronic equipment that will be exported with international cords and cord sets. This allows testing of the equipment, complete with the power cord, in same manner that the global customer will use it.

It can be connected to a test system that has a source of 50Hz or 60Hz power to deliver power to the most commonly used international sockets for operational or burn-in testing. (If a source of 50Hz or 60 Hz is not available, this is an example of when the International Socket Strip and the International Power Source can work together.) To test a product, the correct international power cord needs to be installed into the product and connected to the proper socket.

It is occasionally used in Hipot testing systems.

Mounting Styles

Table-mount or rack-mount are available.

Models Available

There are three models available. All three models include seven international sockets. One model also adds a NEMA 5-15 socket. The seven international sockets included are:

Table-Mount International Socket Strip Table-Mount International Socket Strip Rack-Mount International Socket Strip

P/N: 85010120

  P/N: 85010290

P/N: 85010113

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A SafeBloc is an accessory device, which can be used with other test equipment, as an adapter, to connect and test power cords and wiring harnesses for production testing purposes, prior to installation into equipment. Such testing would include Hipot and continuity testing of the power cord or wiring harness. The SafeBloc allows the bare wires of a power cord or wiring harness to be connected to the test equipment via clips inside the enclosure. Power can only flow through the device once it is closed and the test sequence is then started, ensuring that the test operator will not get shocked during the testing procedure. Power cord manufacturers and CEMs manufacturing custom wiring harnesses would be typical users of such a device.

SafeBloc 13A 250V SafeBloc with 2.5m 3x1.50mm Cable

P/N 82930010 P/N: 82930011

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