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EAC is the New Mark of Conformity for CU Countries


The GOST safety mark is being replaced by a new conformity mark called the EurAsian Conformity Mark or EAC. This new mark has been approved by the countries in the Customs Union (CU)—Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

GOST safety mark


New Conformity Mark—EAC

The graphic view of EAC is made up of three letters “E,” “A,” and “C”—with each one being at right angles and of the same width and height making up the ratio of a square. The mark has to be in one color, not smaller than 5mm and be easily distinguished on the product.  

At the present, the Interpower® products that will be using the new mark are the Accessory Power Strips ( and the Power Distribution Units ( Also included are the Continental European (CEE 7/7) plugs that are manufactured by Interpower (

For more information on the EAC, check these websites:

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