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International “Harmonized” Cable Recommendations

European "Harmonized" CableCENELEC publications HD-21 and HD-22 outline construction of PVC jacketed and rubber-jacketed cable, respectively.

HD-21 recommendations for PVC jacketed cable:H05VV-F…(rated 300/500V): Ordinary PVC sheathed flexible cable for use in offices, domestic premises, kitchens, for medium duties, i.e., washing machines, spin dryers, refrigerators. Permitted for cooking and heating appliances, providing that cable is not in contact with hot parts and is not subject to radiation, etc. (NOT suitable for outdoor use.)

HD-22 recommendations for rubber jacketed cable:H05RN-F…(rated 300/500V): This is flexible rubber insulated cable intended for connecting lightweight hand and portable equipment subjected to low mechanical stresses in an open air environment, e.g., as connection leads for outdoor appliances, and in workshops. Not suited for use in agricultural applications or where there is risk of fire or explosion.

H07R-F…(rated 450/750V): This is flexible rubber insulated cable for products subjected to medium mechanical stresses in dry and damp places. Use as supply leads for transportable motors, appliances, hand-held lamps, electric tools and machines on building sites, in agricultural use, workshops, and utility water equipment. Permissible for installation on plaster and direct installation on structural parts of hoists and other heavy machines.