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North American Non-locking NEMA Configurations

The NEMA  (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) pattern and numbering system is made up of four main identifiers. The first identifier can be a blank space or have the letter L. This determines whether it is a straight or locking blade device. The second identifier is a number. The first number in a NEMA listing determines the voltage rating. The third identifier is a number and identifies the amperage rating of the device. The fourth identifier is a letter. This identifier determines whether the device is a plug, P, or a receptacle/outlet, R.The North American Non-locking NEMA Configuration chart will help you determine the correct NEMA configuration for your North American applications. Click here for your free copy.

Use this chart to determine which general purpose NEMA plug or receptacle is needed for specific applications.
Information obtained from ANSI/NEMA WD-6 standard. Face and pin sizes not necessarily to scale. For reference only.