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Metric Conversion guides

The Metric Conversion guides includes:

  • Conversion Factors for Length, Area, Volume and Mass
  • Metric Threads
  • Metric Prefixes
  • AWG to Metric Wire Sizes
  • Temperature

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Conversion Factors for Length, Volume, Area and Mass

Metric units are used for most linear, weight, and temperature measurements, as well as for thread descriptions.
Length Inch x 25.40 = Millimeters
Millimeters x 0.03937 = Inches
Feet x 0.3048 = Meters
Meters x 3.281 = Feet
Miles x 1.609 = Kilometers
Kilometers x 0.6214 = Miles
Ohms/Kilometer x 0.3048 = Ohms/1000 ft.
Ohms/1000 ft. x 3.2808 = Ohms/Kilometer Volume Cu. Inch x 16.39 = Cu. Centimeter
Cu. Centimeter x 0.06102 = Cu. In.
Cu. Foot x 0.02832 = Cu. Meter
Cu. Meter x 35.31 = Cu. Foot

Area Sq. Inch x 6.452 = Sq. Centimeter
Sq. Centimeter x 0.1550 = Sq. Inch
Sq. Foot x 0.0929 = Sq. Meter
Sq. Meter x 10.76 = Sq. Foot
Sq. Mile x 2.590 = Sq. Kilometer
Sq. Kilometer x 0.3861 = Sq. Mile
Circular Mil x 1,000,000 = Circular In.
Circular Mil x 0.7854 = Sq. Mil Mass Ounce x 28.35 = Gram
Gram x 0.03527 = Ounce
Pound x 0.4536 = Kilogram
Kilogram x 2.205 = Pound

Metric Threads

Most threaded components and components with mounting holes (such as ac power inlets) listed in this catalog are referred to in terms of their metric dimensions. For example, an M3 mounting hole indicates that the hole is sized for an M3 mounting screw. The metric screw will be referred to in the following format:

M3 X 0.50

As these drawings illustrate, M3 refers to a major diameter of 3mm. The pitch or distance between threads is 0.50mm