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More Information Accessory Power

Accessory Power

Product designers may now simplify power supply connections for electrical equipment accessories and sub-systems using IEC 60320-2-2 outlets and plug connectors. Accessory power strips offer an inlet, circuit protection, and four or more outlets.

There are three main reasons for specifying IEC 60320-2-2 components for accessory power connections:

• The IEC 60320-2-2 component family makes it possible to control power to accessories through the main appliance.

• The IEC 60320-2-2 component system is generally accepted for use throughout the world.

• The use of country-specific plugs and outlets are not needed for accessory power connections. For example, it is no longer necessary to use North American plugs and outlets on peripheral equipment destined for sale in the U.S. and Canada, or British plugs and outlets on equipment destined for sale in the United Kingdom. However, the mains connection to the primary piece of equipment or the Accessory Power Strip does have to use a country specific plug. This makes it easier to build equipment that can be sold throughout the world.

The basic building blocks in an accessory power distribution system constructed with IEC 60320-2-2 components include an outlet, a power cord with a plug-connector, or a cordset with a molded plug-connector on one end and a connector on the other.

Guide to IEC 60320 Accessory Power and Terminology

The most commonly used accessory power system is rated for use at 10A internationally and 15A in North America. However, a second system is provided in the IEC standards with current ratings of 16A internationally and 20A in North America. See chart above for the outline drawings with the proper IEC references (see the IEC 60320 Coupler Sheet for more details).

Accessory Power Strips

Accessory Power Strips are usually specified when one of the following conditions exist:

• The main system power will be controlled from the Accessory Power Strip.

• The main piece of equipment in the system does not have sufficient panel space for an accessory power module.

• The organization configuring the system is buying off-the-shelf equipment, and overall power control must be added.

All of the Interpower Accessory Power Strips are enclosed in an 18 gauge steel case and are intended for use with professional-quality industrial equipment. All stock Accessory Power Strips include a resettable CBE (Circuit Breaker for Equipment). The complete Interpower line offers a variety of options including different housing sizes, connector locks, Sheet J outlets, switches, guards, and more.

19" Rack-Mount Power Distribution Units

Power Distribution Units are Accessory Power Strips in a slim 1U (U or Unit is 44.45mm on which panel heights are based*) design. They fit conveniently in a standard 19" equipment rack. Our variety of options allow control of power flow through the entire rack from the unit.

Specialty Accessory Power StripsShould your requirements dictate an Accessory Power Strip with features different than those offered, a custom designed Accessory Power Strip may be requested. Contact our Customer Service Department to discuss your specifications.

“Universal” Jumper cords

We also offer power cords and cordsets that will allow connection between any of our Accessory Power Strips and the power mains outlet anywhere worldwide. Our standard “Universal” Jumper cords are available from stock in a variety of lengths.

Accessory Power Modules

For applications in which a multiple Sheet F outlet module will be mounted directly into the equipment that will control accessory power in the system, the four-position module is a cost-effective solution. This module snaps directly into a panel and is connected with a combination 1/4" (6.3mm) quick disconnects/solder terminations. Six different panel thicknesses may be specified.

There is also an alternative that adds a C14 inlet to the four Sheet F outlets. The inlet and outlets are not electrically connected so the designer is able to specify exactly how the outlets will be controlled and protected.

* EIA (Electronic Industries Association) -310-D