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More Information on IEC 60320 C13 and C19 Connectors

Interpower molds five different IEC 60320 C13 and C19 connector configurations for North American and international use. Each angle connector is available in a variety of amperage ratings, cable types and sizes, and colors. These angle connectors, along with the straight versions, can cover 360° of possible rotations.

The various angles allow for connections to be made to equipment helping to eliminate the possibility of pinched or tangled cable, which can provide a safer routing of the cable. These are ideal for areas where space is limited between the equipment and the wall or where cord lengths need to be kept to a minimum for a tight or clean look, such as on equipment racks.

The C13 angle connectors are rated at 10A/250VAC international and 15A/125 or 250VAC North American. They are used in application requiring connection to IEC 60320 Class I C14 inlets.

The C19 angle connectors are rated at 16A/250VAC international and 20A/125 or 250VAC North American. They are used in applications requiring connection to IEC 60320 Class I C20 inlets.
All C13 and C19 connectors fit our Interpower connector locks which help to secure the connector. This helps to prevent accidental removal or interruption and provides extra retention in applications where it is critical that connectors are not pulled free from the outlet.

Common uses for the C13 and C19 connectors include medical equipment, test equipment, and IT equipment, along with commercial appliances, some home appliances, data centers, power distribution devices, and professional food equipment, to name a few. They are also used in indoor equipment fields.

The angled connectors are RoHS compliant and may have approvals from any or all of the following: North America UL and CSA, German VDE, Australia Department of Fair Trading, and Argentina IRAM.

Click here for our full line of IEC 60320 C13 power cords and cord sets.

C13 Angle Connectors Available

Mold 052Mold 053Mold 055Mold 056Mold 057
85910071 tool-free Connector Lock 85910500
85910071 85910075 85910500

C19 Angle Connectors Available

 Mold 068 C19 Connector Up C19 Connector Down C19 Connector C19 Connector
Mold 068 Mold 013 Mold 015 Mold 069 Mold 070
ool-free Connector Lock 85910510
8591005185910055 85910510