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More Information On Ferrites

Ferrites (North American Only)

A ferrite is a bead that reduces or prevents EMI (electromagnetic interference) from a device or to a device.

For part numbers see our ferrites product page.

A ferrite is made up of a highly permeable substance that is used to suppress unwanted EMI from the electrical current entering the equipment. Interpower ferrites have a medium permeability and high resistive impedance. They are designed for suppression of signals between 30 and 300MHz. These ferrites are made of nickel zinc. However, a combination of oxides from other metals such as magnesium, manganese, copper, or cobalt are included in their makeup. Interpower recommends molding ferrites 4-6 inches from the strain relief of the IEC 60320 C13 connector. The use of Interpower molded ferrites is limited to North America cable only. There is a snap-on version that can be used on both international and North American cable.