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North American Hospital‑Grade Replacement Cords

If you need North American hospital-grade replacement cords, Interpower® has the solution! Made in Iowa, we have no minimum order or dollar requirements, which means you can order just what you need—whether it’s 1, 5, 100, or more!

Plus, labeling is available—mark your cords with labels that contain your specific information, such as identifying a certain location (e.g. Operating Room 1, ER 2, etc.). Interpower offers a number of different labeling options including a flag or wrap label which can be attached directly to the cord, a barcode label, or a grounding reliability* label which can be made to your specifications.

*Interpower’s label states that the cord needs to be plugged into a hospital-grade receptacle to achieve grounding reliability.

Custom Flag Wrap Label Barcode Labeling Grounding Reliability

With your cords specially labeled, hopefully they will stay in the correct location. And—if you need to replace one, you only have to order one! Order only the exact number that you need! If you have specialized requirements for a replacement cord set, we also do special orders.

Example Stock Replacement Options:

North American 10A Hospital-Grade Power Cord
PN: 86610400 Rating: 10A/125VAC Conductor Size: 3 x 18AWG Length: 3.05m/10.0ft
North American 10A Hospital-Grade Cord Set with C13
PN: 86610810 Rating: 10A/125VAC Conductor Size: 3 x 18AWG Length: 3.05m/10.0ft
North American 15A Hospital-Grade Cord Set with C19
PN: 86611610 Rating: 15A/125VAC Conductor Size: 3 x 14AWG Length: 3.05m/10.0ft

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