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Value Added and Custom Services

Interpower® offers a variety of value-added services, which includes custom length cable, custom power cords and cord sets, a variety of accessories available, custom labeling, and custom packaging.

Custom Length Cable

Whether it is five or 500 feet, Interpower can cut the cable in continuous lengths or cut it into discrete lengths. The cable can have special stripping on the ends or it can be delivered to the customer ready for assembly. A variety of cable terminations are available, such as ring terminals, spade terminals, ferrules or quick disconnects in flag or straight styles.

Custom Power Cords and Cord Sets

When exporting products to multiple markets, power cords with varying plug styles may be required. Interpower can supply the plugs, preassembled on the cable and ready to install for a large variety of equipment needs. As with custom length cable, many different terminations are available, as well as a custom stripping option on the bare end of the cord. This allows a designer to request a six-inch ground with three-inch leads. Power cords are available in different colors.

Cord sets are available in different colors and lengths with different plugs and connector options based on cord set standards requirements.

All Interpower-manufactured power cords and cord sets are 100% tested.


Interpower can manufacture made-to-order assemblies which may include a variety of accessories, such as ferrules, ferrites, heat shrink tubing, and cable terminations.

Ferrules Ferrules
A ferrule is an internal component that is used for better electrical contact in applications where the spread of bare strands could cause a problem. Ferrules are types of objects that are used for fastening, joining, sealing or reinforcement. Interpower ferrules come in uninsulated wire ferrules, insulated wire ferrules, and double-wire ferrules.
Ferrites (North American Only) Ferrites
A ferrite is a bead that reduces or prevents EMI (electromagnetic interference) from a device or to a device. Interpower carries four different ferrite beads.
Heat Shrink Tubing Heat Shrink Tubing
A shrinkable plastic tube used to insulate wires, providing abrasion resistance and environmental protection for strained and solid wire conductors, connections, joints, and terminals.
Cable Terminations Cable Terminations
Interpower cable terminations are for made-to-order assemblies.

Custom Labeling and Custom Packaging

Custom labeling is available for any power cord or cord set or kit. Options include: wrap label, custom flag, barcode label, grounding reliability label, and Unique Device Identification.

Interpower also offers custom packaging, including the following way to organize power cords and/or cord sets: coil, cords bundled, hank, and cable ties. There are special packaging options including boxed and bagged and with custom kits which means a variety of products can be included in the same box (e.g. an APS and different cord sets with labeling per a customer’s specifications). Other options available are customer supplied packaging materials and/or labels. Contact Customer Service for more details.

For More Information

For more information about value added and custom services, contact Customer Service.