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Part Number: 86021040
Description: International 3x1.50mm² Shielded Cable

(Specifications subject to change without notice)

Part Number: 86021040
Int'l Current Rating: 16A
Int'l Voltage Rating: 300 / 500VAC
N.A. Current Rating: A
N.A. Voltage Rating: VAC
Int'l Min Fix Inst Op Temp: -40ºC
Int'l Max Fix Inst Op Temp: +70ºC
Int'l Min Flex Op Temp: -5ºC
Cable Style: International
Int'l Conductor Size: 1.50mm²
Number of Conductors: 3
Cond. Color Code: Brown/Blue/Green-Yellow
Int'l Cable Type: S05VC4VF
Cable Color: Black
Approx. Outer Diameter: 7.4mm - 9.4mm
General Material: PVC
Oil Resistant: no
Fillerless: no
Shielded: yes
Shield Type: Braid
CE Marking: yes
REMARKS: Number of individual wires are without obli- gation. Dia. of single wires are not allowed to exceed the values stated in DIN VDE 0295.

Last Modification: 04/09/18 • 13:06:32 • netui           *Specifications subject to change without notice

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