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Featured Product

Accessory Power Strip & Power Distribution Unit

For a company choosing to export to global markets, it is advantageous to offer a product that is easily adapted without requiring reconfiguration by the end user. The Accessory Power System available through Interpower is one way that assists in meeting that need by helping to simplify the process of product design for export in the global market. For example, instead of having to make four different systems to export to four different countries, a company can design one system and then add a cord set with a country-specific plug. This allows the same system to be exported globally with cost-saving benefits.

Accessory Power Strip (APS)

Product designers can simplify power supply connections for electrical equipment by using IEC 60320 components within an Accessory Power Strip (APS). Because different components work together in one system, an APS helps make it easier to build equipment that can be sold globally. This system consists of a socket strip (an inlet, circuit protection, and four or more outlets), several jumper cords, and one country-specific cord set. An APS can be useful in many applications, including medical and professional-quality industrial equipment.

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Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

The Power Distribution Unit (PDU) fits into a 19-inch rack. While it is similar to an APS because it is a socket strip using IEC components, it is in a case enclosure that is larger than an APS.

A common place to find a PDU is in an equipment rack where all of the components can be installed and work together as a specific unit on one rack. This rack is designed to hold different components of a system, such as a computer system (monitor, CPU, keyboard, and printer). Other examples include test equipment, medical research equipment, and telephone equipment.

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