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Jumper Cord Sets

Jumper cord sets are designed for specific applications. They can be used to “jump” power from unit to unit within one application which would include multiple pieces of equipment working together to accomplish one task. An Interpower jumper cord set has an IEC 60320 plug connector (Sheet E or Sheet I) on one end and an IEC 60320 connector (C5, C13, or C19) on the other end. 

For example, Interpower offers jumper cord sets to use in the Accessory Power system. Using jumper cords with the Accessory Power Strip allows that only one cord set is needed to connect to the primary power source (wall socket).

Interpower offers a variety of jumper cord sets that include current and voltage ratings of 2.5A to 20A/125VAC to 250VAC. These are available in different conductor sizes and cable types.

Sheet E

Sheet E


Angle B

Sheet I