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North American Cable Types

Nomenclature Key +

S = Service Grade (also means extra hard service when not followed by J, V, or P)

J = Hard Service

V = Vacuum cleaner cord (also light duty cable)

P = Parallel cord (also known as zip cord)—Always light duty

E = Thermoplastic Elastomer (UL/NEC designation ONLY)

O = Oil Resistant*

T = Thermoplastic

W = Outdoor—includes sunlight resistant jacket and wet location rated conductors (formerly "W-A")

H = Heater cable

VW-1 = Flame retardant

FT2 = Flame retardant

* When only one "O" appears in a classification (i.e. SJEOW), only the outer jacket material is oil resistant. If two "O's" are in the classification (i.e. SEOOW), the insulation covering the conductors and the outer jacket insulation are all oil resistant.

Definitions of Cable Types

SVT—Thermoplastic insulated vacuum cleaner cord, with or without third conductor for grounding purposes; 300V. (PVC)

SJT—Junior hard service, thermoplastic insulated conductors and jacket. 300V. (PVC)

SJTW—Same as SJT except outdoor rated. (PVC)

SJTOSame as SJT but oil resistant outer jacket. (PVC)

SJTOW—Same as SJTO except outdoor rated. (PVC)

STHard service cord with all thermoplastic construction, 600V. (PVC)

STW—Same as ST except outdoor rated. (PVC)

STOSame as ST but with oil resistant outer jacket. (PVC)

STOW—Same as STO except outdoor rated. (PVC)

SPT-1Parallel jacketed thermoplastic cable, 300V. With or without third conductor for grounding. (PVC)

SPT-2Same as SPT-1 but heavier construction. (PVC)

SPT-3—Same as SPT-2 but heavier construction. (PVC)

SJEHard service cord, thermoplastic elastomer insulated and jacketed, 300V. (TPE)

SJEW—Same as SJE except outdoor rated. (TPE)

SJEO—Same as SJE but with oil resistant jacket. (TPE)

SJEOW—Same as SJE except outdoor rated. (TPE)

SJEOOSame as SJE but conductor insulation and jacket BOTH oil resistant. (TPE)

SJEOOW—Same as SJEOO except outdoor rated. (TPE)

SEExtra hard service cord, thermoplastic elastomer conductor insulation and jacket, 600V. (TPE)

SEW—Same as SE except outdoor rated. (TPE)

SEOSame as SE but with oil resistant jacket. (TPE)

SEOW—Same as SEO except outdoor rated. (TPE)

SEOOSame as SE but with oil resistant conductor insulation and jacket. (TPE)

SEOOW—Same as SEOO except outdoor rated. (TPE)

SExtra hard service cord, thermoset-insulated conductors and thermoset jacket, 600V.

SO—Same as S but with oil resistant jacket. (thermoset)

SOW—Same as S except outdoor rated. (thermoset)

SOOSame as S but both conductor insulation and jacket are oil resistant. (thermoset)

SOOW—Same as SOO except outdoor rated. (thermoset)

SJHard service cord, thermoset insulated conductors and thermoset jacket, 300V. (thermoset)

SJOSame as SJ but with oil resistant jacket. (thermoset)

SJOW—Same as SJO except outdoor rated. (thermoset)

SJOOSame as SJ but both conductor insulation and jacket are oil resistant. (thermoset)

SJOOW—Same as SJOO except outdoor rated. (thermoset)

NOTICE: Definitions of cable designations are derived from UL’s designation scheme as defined in the National Electrical Code (NEC)—NFPA-7