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Featured Product

Circuit Breakers

Electronic equipment is often designed with built-in circuit protection. The main function is to provide protection to both the equipment and the equipment operator in the event of a circuit overload.

In principle, a circuit breaker is like a fuse—it can open the circuit pathway in the event of an overload or short circuit. Unlike the fuse, the circuit breaker is reusable. It is available in a manual or automatic reset. A manual reset requires the user to press a button or move a lever (or switch) to reset the circuit pathway. An automatic reset will return to normal functioning once normal conditions resume.

Circuit breakers only protect against low-level faults and are not meant to clear faults with high-voltage levels. A circuit breaker is not a surge resistor for catastrophic events, such as lightning strikes or high-voltage line shorts.

Examples of Circuit Breakers Offered by Interpower

82910030 82910090 82910160 82910270
P/N Current Rating (250VAC) Terminal Style Max Interrupt Capacity Internal
Resistance (Ω)
82910030 4A 4/6.3mm or 8/2.8mm 250A 0.087 Ohms
82910040 6A 4/6.3mm or 8/2.8mm 250A 0.043 Ohms
82910050* 8A 4/6.3mm or 8/2.8mm 250A 0.033 Ohms
82910060 10A 4/6.3mm or 8/2.8mm 250A <0.04 Ohms
82910080 15A 4/6.3mm or 8/2.8mm 250A <0.04 Ohms
82910090 10A 4/6.3mm or 8/2.8mm 250A <0.02 Ohms
82910160 10A 4/6.3mm or 8/2.8mm 250A <0.04 Ohms
82910270 15A 4/6.3mm or 8/2.8mm 3500A <0.02 Ohms

*Available while supplies last.

For More Details

For the complete product line offered by Interpower, see Circuit Breakers. Find additional information on circuit protection and supplementary protection at “More Information on Circuit Breakers.”

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