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Featured Product

Interpower International Cable

From the power source to the equipment, cable is an important component in completing the electrical path. While there are different kinds of cable available to choose from, the focus of this Featured Product is on international cable. Interpower® manufactures H05VV-F, VCTF, and HVCT, RVV, and H03VV-FF cable types.

Interpower international cable is tested and certified according to international standards.

Interpower international cable

Interpower manufactured H05VV-F cable carries the following safety certifications:

  • VDE
  • Kema-Keur
  • OVE
  • Semko
  • NSW (Australia)
  • CCC*
  • KC*

* Some of the Interpower manufactured international cable may also have CCC and/or KC, depending on the size.

For H03VV-F cable, the safety certifications include:

  • VDE
  • NSW

Interpower Manufactured 3-Wire Cable

For a full list of Interpower cable, please see


International cable may be similar in appearance to North American cable, but there are a number of important differences. International cable is sized in square millimeters. This measurement is the cross sectional area of the copper wire within the insulation. The size is expressed in millimeter-squared (mm2). Size increments are designated within the standards and vary as the cable size increases.

Cable Types Offered by Interpower

  • H03VV-F (manufactured by interpower)
  • H05V-K (PVC single wire)
  • H05VV-F (manufactured by Interpower)
  • H05VVH2-F
  • H05RN-F
  • H07V-K (PVC single wire)
  • H07RN-F
  • RVV (Chinese) (manufactured by Interpower)
  • VCTF (Japanese) (manufactured by Interpower)
  • HVCTF (Japanese) (manufactured by Interpower)

The Harmonized Wire Coding System chart, found on the website, gives more explanation about what the various letter and number designations mean.

Conductor Color Coding

Marking of the conductors within the cable defines which conductor is line, neutral, and ground. The typical international color code for 3-wire cable is green/yellow (ground), blue (neutral), and brown (line).

Conductor Color Code for International Cable
3-wire—Green/yellow (ground), Blue (neutral), Brown (line)
4-wire—Green/yellow (ground), Brown (line), Black (line), Gray (line)
5-wire—Green/yellow (ground), Blue (neutral), Brown (line), Black (line), Gray (line)

Notes on International Cable

  • International cable needs to be manufactured in accordance with EN (European Norm) 50525 cable standards. These are European standards accepted by member countries of CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization), an organization which has agreed upon formalized methods of construction and testing for common products.
  • Manufacturers from countries outside of the CENELEC group can be awarded approval to make international cable. They need to have approvals from at least one of the European testing agencies in accordance with the EN 50525 standards. When listing a cable type, e.g. H05VV-F, the “H” means it meets the harmonized cable standard (EN 50525), except that it is manufactured outside the CENELEC group of countries.
  • Some international cable carries a special marking—the <HAR> mark—but not all international cable does. Depending on where the cable manufacturer is located, determines whether the <HAR> mark can be put on the cable itself. The <HAR> mark is a common marking that can only be used on cable manufactured by signatory members of CENELEC.
  • International cable needs to be manufactured in accordance with the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) cable standards, such as IEC 60227, and may also need to follow other country-specific cable standards as well, depending on the country the cable will be used in.
  • International cable (depending on approvals) can be used in Europe and in other countries throughout the world—except in North America.

For more information on the complete line of international cable offered by Interpower, including cable manufactured by Interpower, see International Cable.

conductor color coding chart

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