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Featured Product

North American Cable

Cable completes the electrical circuit from the power source to the equipment. Interpower offers different kinds of North American cable to meet a variety of applications.

All Interpower manufactured North American cable meets UL and CSA standards.

Interpower Manufactured North American 3-Wire Cable
Part Number AWG size Amperage Color Conductor Color Code*
86060040 12 25A Black BBG/Y
86060140 12 25A Black BWG
86060030 14 18A Black BBG/Y
86060080 14 18A Gray BBG/Y
86060130 14 18A Black BWG
86060020 16 13A Black BBG/Y
86060070 16 13A Gray BBG/Y
86060120 16 13A Black BWG
86060170 16 13A White BBG/Y
86060010 18 10A Black BBG/Y
86060060 18 10A Gray BBG/Y
86060100 18 10A Gray BWG
86060110 18 10A Black BWG
86060160 18 10A White BWG
86060320 16 13A Black BBG/Y
86060250 18 10A Black BWG
86060220 14 18A Black BBG/Y
86060210 16 13A Black BBG/Y
86060200 18 10A Black BBG/Y
86060050 18 10A Black BBG/Y
86060150 18 10A Black BWG

*Conductor Color Codes:
BWG—black (line), white (neutral), green (ground)
BBG/Y—brown (line), blue (neutral), green/yellow (ground)


The sizing for North American cable is noted by AWG. The gauge uses an inverse relationship to the size, so the larger the number, the smaller the cable. For example, a small gauge North American cable with three conductors might be 3x18 AWG (or 18/3 AWG). A large gauge cable might be 3x10 AWG (10/3).

Cable Types

Interpower manufactures North American cable, which includes SJT, SJTO, SJTW, SJTOW, and SVT. While black, white, and gray are the most common colors requested for cable, select other colors are available as a custom order.

North American Cable Types Offered by Interpower Include:
PVC Cable
SJT Junior hard service, thermoplastic-insulated conductors and jacket.
SJTO Same as SJT, but oil-resistant thermoplastic outer jacket.
SJTOW Same as SJTO except weather-resistant rated.
SJTW Hard-usage thermoplastic or rubber-insulated conductors and overall thermoplastic jacket. Weather-resistant for outdoor use.
SVT Thermoplastic-insulated vacuum cleaner cord, with or without third conductor for grounding purposes.
SPT-2 Parallel jacketed thermoplastic cable with heavier construction than SPT-1.
ST Hard service cord with all thermoplastic construction.
STO Same as ST, but with oil-resistant thermoplastic outer jacket.
STOW Same as STO, but weather-resistant rated.
Thermoset Cable
SO Extra hard service cord, thermoset-insulated conductors and thermoset oil-resistant jacket.
SOW Same as SO except weather-resistant rated.
SOOW Same as SO except both conductor insulation and jacket are oil-resistant and weather-resistant rated.
TPE Cable
SEOW Extra hard service cord, thermoplastic elastomer conductor insulation and jacket with oil-resistant jacket and weather-resistant rated.
SJEOW Hard service cord, thermoplastic elastomer insulation and jacket and weather-resistant rated.

Notes on the Above Cable Designations:
Definitions of cable designations are derived from UL’s designation scheme as defined in the National Electric Code (NEC)—NFPA-70.

When only one “O” appears in a classification (i.e. SJEOW), only the outer jacket material is oil-resistant. If two “O’s” are in the classification (i.e. SJEOOW), the insulation covering the conductors and the outer jacket insulation are both oil-resistant.

CSA does not recognize the letter “E” used by UL to designate thermoplastic elastomer. CSA classifies these cable types using the PVC classification designations with a “TPE” suffix

Conductor Color Coding

Marking of the conductors within the cable defines which conductor is ground, neutral, and line. Note: Color codes listed below are typical for what is seen in flexible cable. Other colors may be used for certain conductors according to the application.

For more information on the complete line of North American cable offered by Interpower, including cable manufactured by Interpower, see North American Cable. See also the Conductor Color Coding chart.

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