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National Power Mains—Part 3

National Power Mains—Part 3 In National Power Mains Part 1, we covered such topics as voltages, frequencies, class 1 and 2 plugs and approval agencies. We also talked about the power mains of North America and Japan. In the second webcast, National Power Mains Part 2, we talked about the UK ring system, how the Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Chinese plugs may look the same, but there were some major differences. We also talked about the India/South Africa plug. In this webcast, we will cover the remaining plug patterns of the world. To find a complete reference to all the countries and all their plug patterns, see our guide to worldwide plugs and sockets at The class 1 continental European plugs and outlets are designed to the CEE 7 Standard. The CEE 7 refers to publication #7. The slash and second number designates a subsection in the publication that pertains to more details about acceptable modifications to the CEE 7 plug pattern. thumbnail