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Specifying the Correct Cable

Specifying Correct Cable Making sure you are specifying the correct cable for world wide markets. Visit for more information.When specifying cable for worldwide markets, it can be daunting. This is beause there is no single standard accepted by every nation. In fact, there are 4 different cable standards used in the major world markets. While there's some commonalities, there are also some very important differences that every engineer should be aware of. There are 4 basic steps that need to be taken to specify cable for specific markets. Number 1, specify the appropriate cable standard or global market. Number 2, the number of conductors needed. Number 3, the correct size or ampacity rating needed. And number 4, the correct jacket type as required for the application. The North American market consists primarily of the United States, Canada and Mexico. North American cable is constructed and sized using the American wire gauge AWG system. Cable in this system is sized by the number of conductors and the size designation number. thumbnail