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Interpower is Now Manufacturing Japanese VCTF and HVCTF Cable

May 2018
Interpower is pleased to announce it is now approved to manufacture VCTF and HVCTF Japanese cable in its Iowa facility. This cable has been added to the Interpower manufactured cable product line.

Presently Interpower is the only cable manufacturer in the United States to manufacture this Japanese cable. Both the VCTF and the HVCTF cable are available in three conductor sizes: 0.75mm2, 1.25 mm2, and 2.00 mm2. The cable rating for VCTF is 60°C and for HVCTF it is 75°C. This cable has PSE approval and may be used in power cords, cord sets, and jumper cord sets where three conductor Japanese VCTF or HVCTF cable is needed.

Part numbers for VCTF include: 86061010 (0.75mm2), 86061020 (1.25 mm2), and 86061030 (2.00 mm2). Part numbers for HVCTF include: 86061040 (0.75mm2), 86061050 (1.25 mm2), and 86061060 (2.00 mm2).

Interpower has no minimum order or dollar requirements, offers a 1-week U.S. manufacturing lead-time on non-stock Interpower products, same day shipping on in-stock products, plus lock in your price with blanket or scheduled orders. Interpower also offers value-added services and free technical support.