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Featured Product

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One of the keys to success for a company is to have choices available to make a product more marketable. The ability to offer a product that can be used in different countries can open up opportunities for new markets.

As the premier supplier of power system components, Interpower’s mission is to make it easy for you to design, build, and maintain products for worldwide markets. To help you learn more about products that can do just that, we are pleased to provide a monthly feature on our website – the Featured Product Page. Each month we will be highlighting a different Interpower product. You will find links to our Featured Product articles below.


9/17/19 Interpower Plugs and Sockets

8/20/19 Country-Specific Socket Strips

7/16/19 International Socket Strip

6/18/19 Accessory Power Strip & Power Distribution Unit

5/21/19 Interpower Value-Added Services

4/16/19 Interpower Switches and Voltage Selector

3/20/19 Fuses & Fuse Holders

2/19/19 Interpower Circuit Breakers

1/22/19 Modules


12/18/18 Interpower® International Power Source

11/20/18 Interpower Strain Reliefs/Cable Glands

10/16/18 Interpower Hospital-Grade Products

9/19/18 IEC 60320 Products

8/23/18 Interpower Power Cords and Cord Sets

7/18/18 North American Cable

6/19/18 Interpower International Cable