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InfoPower Archive

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2017 Infopower

12/18/17—Meeting Electrical Needs in a Global Marketplace

12/4/17—Benefits of Using IEC 60320 Components

1120/17—Socket Strips Can Provide Flexibility in a Product Design

11/7/17—Secure Value by Testing Products in Advance for Global Export

10/23/17—Building Equipment for Global Markets with Accessory Power

10/9/17—Not Safe: Daisy Chaining Power Strips from Interpower

9/25/17—Designing for Compliance

9/11/17—Add Value to Your Company with New Product Designs

8/30/17—Polarization and Non-Polarization of the NEMA 1-15 Plug and Socket

8/14/17—Designing with IEC 60320 C5 and C7 Connectors and C6 and C8 Inlets

7/31/17—Designing with Specific IEC 60320 Connectors and Inlets

7/17/17—Designing Products with IEC 60320 C13 Connectors and C14 Inlets

7/3/17—Designing Products with IEC 60320 C19 Connectors and C20 Inlets

6/19/17—Exporting to Global Markets

6/5/17—Control Incoming Power with Switches

5/22/17—Circuit Protection: Selecting the Correct Fuse

5/9/17—Choosing Between a Circuit Breaker and a Fuse

4/24/17—Strain Reliefs/Cable Glands

4/11/17—The Importance of Advance Testing

3/27/17—Designing, Building, and Maintaining Hospital‑Grade Products

3/13/17—Determining Circuit Protection Within a Module

2/27/17—Choosing a Power Cord or Cord Set

2/13/17—Comparing and Contrasting North American and International Cable

1/30/17—Selecting the Correct Cable

1/16/17—The NEMA Numbering System

1/3/17—Interpower Plugs and Sockets—Meeting Electrical Needs

2016 Infopower

12/19/16—Interpower IEC 60320 Components Terminology Explained

12/5/16—Meeting Power Requirements with Minimal Connections

11/22/16—The Value of Testing Products for Global Export

11/7/16—Accessory Power—Opening Up Opportunities for New Markets

10/24/16—Sri Lanka Implements New Standard for Plugs and Socket Outlets

10/10/16—Exporting to Ireland

9/26/16—Exporting to Finland

9/12/16—Exporting to Denmark

8/29/16—Exporting to Portugal

8/16/16—Exporting to Greece

8/1/16—Exporting to the Czech Republic

7/18/16—Exporting to Austria

7/5/16—Exporting to Sweden

6/20/16—Exporting to Belgium

6/6/16—The Importance of Advance Testing

5/24/16—Exporting to the Netherlands

5/9/16—Exporting to Poland

4/26/16—Exporting to Spain

4/11/16—Exporting to Italy

3/28/16—Exporting to France

3/15/16—Exporting to the United Kingdom

2/29/16—Exporting to Germany

2/15/16—Plans to Implement a Single Standard for Plugs & Socket Outlets in Sri Lanka

2/2/16—Exporting to Chile

1/19/16—Exporting to Peru

1/6/16—Exporting to Colombia


2015 Infopower

12/21/15—Exporting to Argentina

12/9/15—Exporting to Brazil

11/23/15—Exporting to Hong Kong

11/9/15—Exporting to Republic of China (Taiwan)

10/26/15—Interpower’s Answers to Commonly Asked Questions—International Cable and Harmonized Cable

10/12/15—Exporting to South Korea

9/28/15—Interpower’s Answers to Commonly Asked Questions— Why an Overcurrent Protector is Still Needed with a UK Plug

9/14/15—Exporting to Thailand

8/31/15—Interpowers Answers to Commonly Asked Questions—The Problem with Adapters

8/17/15—Exporting to Vietnam

8/3/15—Interpower’s Answers to Commonly Asked Questions—Reasons for Using Standardized Cable Conductor Color Codes

7/20/15—SANS 164-2 is the Preferred Configuration for New Installations in South Africa

7/6/15—Exporting to the Republic of the Philippines

6/22/15—Exporting to Japan

6/8/15—Interpower’s Answers to Commonly Asked Questions—Designing Your Power System Components Product with the Correct Cord Set

5/26/15—Interpower’s Answers to Commonly Asked Questions—Using a NEMA 5-15 Power Cord in Other Countries

5/11/15—Exporting to the Russian Federation

4/27/15—Interpower’s Answers to Commonly Asked Questions—Multiple Plug Patterns Within a Country—How to Choose the Correct One

4/13/15—Exporting to Bangladesh

3/31/15—Exporting to Indonesia

3/16/15—Interpower’s Answers to Commonly Asked Questions—A Cord Set Requires One Plug and One Connector

3/2/15—Exporting to India

2/16/15—Interpower's Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Series—Product Safety Approvals for Power System Components

2/2/15—Unique Device Identification System Being Required On Most Medical Devices

1/19/15—Exporting to China

1/5/15—Interpower’s Answers to Commonly Asked Questions—How Can One Connector Have Two Different Amp Ratings?

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2014 Infopower

Value Added Services Spotlight—Barcoding

EAC is the New Mark of Conformity for CU Countries

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